Pastor Jason's BloG

These short blog posts are taken directly from Pastor Jason's Sunday messages. We hope they're a blessing to you!


    The Altar of Sacrifice - March 13 2022,

    There’s a pivotal story in the chronology of the Bible that takes place in the record of the Book of Genesis. It involves a man named Abraham and his son, Isaac. It takes place on a mountain named Moriah that is of huge geographic significance in Biblical history. Today, that location is...

    God Always Has a Plan - March 20, 2022

    It’s been about 500 years since the flood. It’s now that we meet the grandsons of Abraham, the twin sons of Isaac. Esau, the oldest twin, struggled with self-control, jealousy, and forgiveness. Jacob, the youngest twin, struggled with insecurity, deception, and greed.   We pick up their story in...


    Victory Comes in the Morning - April 10, 2022

    "For the Israelites, Egypt had been a place of deliverance! It was where Joseph’s family came to survive the famine. The Bible tells us that Pharaoh rejoiced at their arrival and gave them the best of the land in Goshen. Life was GOOD! But, over time, things began to change..."

    Hope is Rising - April 17, 2022