Spiritual Encouragement from a Biblical Perspective

Hope House is a safe place where individuals who are in need of spiritual and emotional support can receive Biblically-based hope and encouragement.


We are a team of Biblical Encouragers who are versed in scriptural responses to today’s most prevalent spiritual and emotional issues. We have a deep desire to help others in their times of spiritual and emotional need through support groups and individual sessions.


We are not licensed counselors and we do no provide counseling sessions. While we are adept at listening and providing scriptural responses to a variety of individual, marriage, and family issues, we are not a source of professional services for clinical mental issues.

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Our Biblical Encouragers

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  • Adrianne

    Adrianne has been a member of Hope Church for over 20 years, having given her life to Jesus as a child. Adrianne's hobbies include music, reading, and physical fitness.

  • Amanda

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Amelia

    Amelia is a mother and grandmother, having been a Christian for over 40 years. She loves studying the Bible, especially the topics of healing and deliverance, and has attended Hope Church over 20 years. Her hobbies include gardening and relaxing at the lake.

  • Anne

    Anne served as a nurse for 37 years, and has attended Hope Church for over 40 years. She is passionate about therapeutic communication, and enjoys multiple areas of focus, including child development, nutrition, and health education.

  • Dan

    Dan is married with five children, two of which currently serve in the military. He is also an Air Force veteran, has attended Hope Church since 2019, and enjoys the hobbies of aviation, mechanics, and pretty much anything outdoors.

  • Don

    Don loves to help people find hope in Jesus. He has been a part of Hope Church for almost 30 years, and accepted Christ as a child. His passion is his family, and his hobbies include golf and gardening.

  • Edwina

    Edwina loves God and loves people. She accepted Jesus as a child and has attended Hope Church for almost 30 years. She is passionate to change how people tend to see God, especially helping them understand that God's love never fails.

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer began attending Hope Church 20 years ago.  Jennifer loves to love on people, which led her to become a Heart Physics Coach several years ago.  After seeing how transforming this type of coaching can be, it became her greatest desire to help people experience their identity in Christ as they experience more and more of the relationship Jesus offers to every believer.  

  • Kimberly

    Kimberly is a mother of four and a "professional" home-schooler for twenty-four years. She and her husband, Mike, relocated to Tennessee in 2021 after growing up in Louisiana. She enjoys baking, crafts, and hosting people in her home.

  • Kristi

    Kristi has been a Christian since childhood and has attended Hope Church since 2000. She is passionate about encouraging and strengthening other people. She loves to learn, and also enjoys spending time in nature.

  • Mike

    Mike accepted Christ over 40 years ago. He and Kimberly have four children and have attended Hope Church since 2021, after moving from Louisiana. He enjoys woodworking, gardening, and has also been known to play the trumpet.

  • Sara

    Sara is a wife and mother who loves music, books, gardens, and animals. She gave her life to Jesus at the age of five and has attended Hope Church since 2020. She feels passionate about the topics of anxiety, loss, and grief.

  • Sarah

    Sarah loves to help people find Biblical answers to difficult situations. She especially enjoys helping people transition into different stages in life. She started attending Hope Church over 20 years ago and enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-children.

  • Teresa

    Teresa is a mom and long-time member of Hope Church. Currently, she and her husband are attending Bible School after retiring from their careers. Teresa is available by Zoom.